Saturday, May 29, 2010

I have a confession - my first night of sleeping in the trailer wasn't what I expected. The girl who camped out with me that first night was what we southern gals would call "a handful." When she saw my little Scamp trailer (Lady and the Scamp) parked in the driveway she asked when could she spend the night. So I invited her to a trial run camp-out at home..... a slumber party in the trailer.

You really get to know someone when you camp together!

First of all she was afraid to sleep in the trailer without my dog, Lady Bird, for protection. This was silly since we were camping less than 5 yards from the front door to my house.

(Here is a picture of my dog Lady Bird. You can tell she is a real killer. She doesn't even notice the cat hiding in the blinds behind her.)

Once it got dark she had to go potty 10 times and of course the trailer potty wasn't hooked up so we ended up going inside the house. Then as soon as we climbed back into the trailer she wanted more of my Diet Dr. Pepper.

She got bored very easy so we played cards. Lots of cards: Battle, Old Maid,and Memory... AND I'm pretty sure she cheated at most of them.

I was getting tired and suggested we turn in and read for a while. A while turned into 2 hours because, like I mentioned before, she drank my Diet Dr. Pepper all night. Now she was on a caffeine buzz. She read everything she brought and some of it she read "outloud" because she was sure I would want to hear about the shedding habits of the domestic house cat.

She finally fell asleep around 1:30am and so did I - sorta.

Between her wiggling, the trailer's AC turning off and on and Lady Bird the dog snoring I have to say I was relieved when daylight came. As I sat watching her and the dog sleep while I drank my first cup of coffee I ever made inside my trailer I thought to myself- I love this.

So.... what else did I learn from my first night of Camping Like A Girl?

I learned how to work the air conditioner, where the light switches were, how all my curtians needed tied up so they wouldn't fall off so easy but the more important things I learned were - Coffee taste better made inside a trailer AND... don't ever let a 7 year old drink more than one Diet Dr. Pepper.

Grandaughter, Logan, my first and my favorite CAMP LIKE A GIRL camping buddy.